Privacy Policy

In the privacy policy, we have explained that what type of information or data we are going to get from you as a consumer. What information is going to be saved in our data and at the same time how we are going to manage the cookies and privacy settings in a good way? 

We are a family and the personal security on our website will not only help out the user but also give them the confidence to use our website much often. 

Your consent

If you will download our application or you will visit our website on your mobile phone or your browser then it is giving us automatic consent from your side to access your data. 

What information we will collect

Information collected directly

By registering on our website with your personal information you are willing us to get the information directly. Because of your registration and contact numbers we are going to collect the data directly and will save it on our Server. 

Data which we may collect when you download the application

Even if you are not downloading the application, by coming to our website you are providing us the location of your country which will collect. 

The number of times you have been on our website and application and how many times you have accessed the data on our website will be collected by our company for future references. 

How we will use the information

  • To give you the updated features along with the Improvement on our website. 
  • To give you the history of the access you got.
  • Moderation in chat messages. 
  • Help and support for the user.
  • To give you a personalized experience.
  • To offer you services according to the interest you have.
  • To prevent any fraud and crime.
  • To provide you the newsletters and e-mails for the updated information.
  • For any administrative purposes including Violation of rules.

Device information

We are going to collect the data related to the device you are using and also the browser you are using for accessing our website and application.  We are going to collect the data to make our Website Optimized according to the devices you are using. 

Children information

In order, giving protection to the data of the children we may require the parents of the Guardians to have the authority to see the activities the children are doing. 

We are not collecting knowingly any data of the children and if for instance, the children can give the data to us then we will not be able to give that information the security and protection because we are not familiar with the person.  As the parent, if you find your children to be accessing our website and giving their data then you can contact us immediately. 

Information security

 We can guarantee you with certainty that your data will be secure with us. We have the Technical team and also the physical team to secure your data and give you accurate information if there is anything we can convey to you. The safeguards on our company can get the information to know that who is trying to get the unauthorized access to the information you have provided us.  It is our responsibility to secure and safeguard your information. You should be not concerned about that. 

Changes in the policy

 If in the future we are going to decide about the changes in the policy then it is our right to do that. Through the update on our website, we will convey this message to all the people that we are changing our policy. 

Data updation

If you find that the data you have provided is not accordingly or you want some updation in the data then you can connect with us and our team will be able to update your data according to the Desire you have.