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Day R Premium MOD APK is the Premium version of Day R Survival MOD APK that gives you access to features like unlocked gameplay, crafting quality, etc., and much more for free. The game possesses all the must-have elements of a survival game, i.e., weapons, vehicles, outfits, zombies, injuries, thrilling gameplay etc.
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If you want to have a thrilling time, then Day R Premium MOD APK is the right choice for you. The gameplay of Day R Survival Premium MOD APK Latest Version is highly engaging; then, once you start playing the game, you won’t be able to go anywhere for hours. Though the gameplay is straightforward, that does equalize it to being easy because you will have to face many problems and hurdles to save yourself from the attack of zombies and the World. There is no stop to your survival adventures, so explore the World while running away from deadly zombies.

Day R Survival APK Premium involves a lot of drama despite being an action game based on the survival sequence. Day R Survival MOD APK Unlimited All will throw a lot of challenges at each step in the game that you will have to deal with patience. The game is based on the post-nuclear war scene and will take you to the late 1980 and the danger it unfolds in the form of deadly monsters ready to eat you alive and make you someone like themselves.

If you get bored quickly, then we ask you to give one chance to Day R Premium MOD APK, and we promise you will not get enough of the game anytime soon. Tlt Games launched day R Survival APK Premium as a role-playing game. Your main goal in the game is to survive, and for that purpose, you will have to perform the tasks assigned to you with excellent efficiency.

Information About Day R Premium MOD APK

Application Name Day R Premium MOD APK
Latest Version V1.746
Size 158M
Total Downloads 100 K+
Platform Android
Requirements 5.0 and Up
MOD Features Unlimited Money


Survival MOD APK Unlimited Caps revolves around a fictional future where nuclear wars destroyed the World and unleashed great horrors. Among these horrors are the zombies you will encounter. The World has conquered, the families have separated, there is fear and uncertainty that keep your mind occupied, the World is a scary place all of a sudden, and then you have to deal with creatures that want to eat you, so the only thing that comes in your mind in these unprecedented situations is to survive, and that’s what you are going strive for in the World of Day R Premium MOD APK.

The lives on Earth were threatened by the toxic radiations that were the product of nuclear wars, and you are out there living in times when being just alive is a miracle. You are desperate to find your loved ones, so embark on a journey with nothing but hope, and along your way, you encounter everything that is there to let you down. There is a lot of death around you and no hope. You are searching for the necessities like food, water, shelter, etc., while trying to get access to must-have things like weapons, armoury, vehicles, and anything that could aid you in surviving in the scary World.

Download Day R Premium and embark on your journey through the distressed USSR. The premium version of the game brings you all the things you will ever need in the World of Day R Premium MOD APK.

The Game modes

Day R Premium MOD APK brings its users four different game modes, i.e., Sandbox, Real Life, Super Hard and Online. Each game mode possesses specific properties, yet all game modes are equally fascinating. Sandbox is an excellent mode for players just starting since it gives you the luxury to die barely. You can say that Sandbox is a mode that provides you training so you can do well in the other three modes. The real-life model is challenging like real life, i.e., one wrong move, and you are off to pay a heavy price.

The real-life model is quite unforgiving so being careful is the only thing that can work out for you in this mode. Moreover, you will observe the changing space surrounding you with every season. If you are not an experienced player, we will advise you to stay away from this mode until you are ready to face harsh conditions.

In addition, you will go through the entire map of the Soviet Union, i.e., more than 27000 cities and towns in Real-life mode. Then comes Super Hard mode, and it is as hard as the name depicts. Try Super Hard mode when you have gone through the first two modes, Sandbox and Real-life mode. Super Hard mode will give you a hard time if you are not a game expert.

The last mode is the Online mode, and this mode will allow you to join other players in their fight, i.e., you will fight in harmony with other Day R Premium MOD APK players. If you like playing games like Day R Premium then you will love playing Epic Seven MOD APK as it offers great fun.

Why Day R Premium MOD APK

The Thrilling Gameplay

Day R Survival MOD APK brings you gameplay that will keep you hooked to the game till the very end. You will have all the equipment, including matches, firewood, torches and anything you could think of using in the post-nuclear war World to survive. You will not have a lot of time at your hand as you will be required to take spontaneous decisions throughout your journey.

In addition, you will have to perform a set of tasks at each level, and as you complete your assigned reading, you will get yourself more equipment like advanced weapons, etc., unlocked. Furthermore, there will be challenges in the game that involves finding items, so search hard and aid yourself in surviving in the dangerous World.

The Characters and Their Appearance

There are many details involved in Day R Survival Unlimited All that add a great deal to the game’s overall experience, and the characters are one side of the detailed spectrum. You will get the bare necessities at the start of the game, but you will have to search for the post-war World necessities yourself, like survival equipment, weapons, etc., to fight off zombies. Moreover, just like the real World, your search will also include the search for clothes that could protect you from harsh weather conditions. You can also upgrade your outfit by searching for the necessary material.

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The Warehouse

One of the essential things in the game is the equipment you would use to fight monsters, and for that reason, the warehouse holds a significant position. The warehouse will contain all the necessary equipment, i.e., bandages, pans, pots, flashlights, vehicles, drinks, food, etc. However, you will only access their items by collecting them and completing missions. Weapons like guns and axes could come in handy while dealing with zombies and destroying them immediately.

The battle of Survival

You will live an endless battle of survival in Day R Survival MOD APK; hence caution is the key to winning this tedious battle. In addition, you do not just have to protect yourself from zombies, but you must watch out for other enemies. Keep one thing in your mind everyone wants to survive, even at the cost of making someone’s survival impossible. Furthermore, your enemies want to take hold of all you have, i.e., the equipment and other necessities. So prepare yourself to live in a world full of monsters and enemies who want to kill at any chance they get. It is your utmost responsibility not to give them that. You can also play Hero Fight X MOD APK  as it offers a great and addicting gameplay.

Features of Dar R Premium MOD APK

The In-depth Gameplay and the Endless Terrors It Unleashes

For the first time, Android users will be given a chance to participate in a hardcore survival game. You will get exposed to a harsh world full of ugliness, so make sure you gather all the important stuff that can aid you in hard times and make your survival a reality. You will be surrounded by danger from all sides, dangers like you have never seen or even heard of, aka zombies, harsh weather conditions, hunger and much more. Remember, the deadly nuclear radiations are also out there to cause you some severe damage. Day R Survival APK Premium is not a joke, so do not take it as one.

The Cruel Reality Combined with Interesting Environment

Day R Survival Premium MOD APK Latest Version features an interactive environment with exciting elements that make the game more engaging. On the one hand, you are fighting zombies and your enemies, and on the other hand, you are exposed to extreme weather conditions you have never heard of. From changing seasons to the maps with hidden secrets, so all we can say is the hardships are endless.

You will have more than 27000 cities and towns to discover as the game allows you to explore the gigantic Russian Empire. Being aware of the minor things around you will serve you as your survival key, so use it well.

You Become Resourceful When You Have Nothing

When hardships are inflicted upon you, you are bound to be creative, and that speaks for one of the features of the Premium version of Day R Survival MOD APK. Day R Premium brings you an actual World reality in the form of a feature, and that is your creativity which you can use to fulfil your needs. You will collect varied materials from all sorts of places, so you can use them to create something valuable that could help you in this post-war World. Explore the endless possibilities and make what you think is essential. Moreover, you can unlock hundreds of crafting recipes by levelling up in the game.

The Dark World and the Adventurous Journey Ahead

As mentioned earlier, you will travel across the massive Russian Empire via multiple lands. You will also get to meet various strangers in addition to exploring numerous quests and providing help to your allies. So make friends along your journey, as who knows when you will need help, so making allies is always a wise decision to do well in the dangerous World. Listen to the appealing stories of the strangers-turned-allies and unfold the fractured memories by discovering the hidden secrets.

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Become You Could Become

You will be required to be highly efficient and knowledgeable, so you can put it into practice to progress in the game. Sharpen your skills if you wish to level up in the World of Day R Premium MOD APK. Learn the basic skills like learning how to be a good mechanic, so you construct vehicles and travel across the gigantic Russian Empire swiftly. Similarly, you could become a Blacksmith and make powerful weapons to assist you in your tedious journey and your fight against your adversaries. Moreover, you can also utilize your physics and chemistry skills in the game.

Play Online

To add a bit of extra oomph factor to the game, Day R Premium MOD APK brings you the online gameplay mode so you can fight along with other players in an exciting cooperative way. Team up and strike against the monstrous creatures that are there to threaten your existence.

In addition, Day R Premium MOD APK provides you with an online chat feature that allows gamers to communicate during the combats with ease. So get the best out of what you have got through the online mode and give your enemies a hard time. You can also exchange items with your friends in the game. Moreover, you can challenge other online gamers in thrilling survival battles and take your game to the next level by playing with the best.

Unlock Gameplay with Day R Premium MOD APK

You can satisfy the gamer by unlocking the gameplay by downloading the premium version of the game, aka Day R Premium MOD APK. Now enjoy opening the gameplay with Day R Survival MOD APK Unlimited Money and enjoy shopping without spending for free. You can also speed up the in-game process and spend a great deal of time enjoying the stories by downloading the premium version of the game.

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Reviews About Day R Premium

User's Review

I’ve had this game for a long time, loved it at first, then felt the creators were ripping people off as it almost became pay to play (even with premium. I’ve recently started playing again and there have changes been made making it once again a joy to play.

This update is cool, but I like the update where you can search a building & everything in it has a 100% chance to be found, because that’s how it is in reality, if not, then at least allow the player to search the building for the missing items again, without a perk for it.

I just wanted to give a suggestion maybe it doesn’t matter but id like an option to drop all components as a group instead of having to either drop everything I own or dropping stuff one by one I keep having to switch between a boat and vehicle and dropping everything one by one to reduce weight gets a little annoying I hope that makes sense thank you for the great game otherwise.

Game is getting much better even with premium. I know there was some hardships while playing but now things are way better than they were before. Moreover, I recommend bringing back the water reduces ration thing cause these radiation rainy days aren’t making things easy even with limited radiation pills.

How to Install Day R Premium MOD APK on Android?

First, remember to delete the previous version of the app installed on your phone. Open Settings of your phone, tap on the security option and tap on the “Enable the Unknown Sources” option. Below we have listed some steps to install Day R Premium MOD APK on Android devices. Just follow them, and you are good to go.

  1. Click the download button to download the file; the download will complete in some time.
  2. Open the file when the download is complete.
  3. Tap on the downloaded APK file to start the installation process.
  4. Follow all the instructions appearing on your screen.
  5. Once the app is installed, launch the app, and you are ready to go.

Download guide for mobile

How to Install Day R Premium MOD APK on PC?

Install MOD APK on your PC by following a few easy and simple steps using an emulator. There are 2 emulators that you can download and install, Nox player and BlueStacks. Follow the below-listed steps to download and install  MOD APK unlimited money and gems.

Download guide for PC

  1. First, download and install Bluestacks player on your PC.
  2. Now download the APK file on your PC.
  3. Now drag and drop the APK file on the emulator to install the app, or you can click the “import from windows” option from the side panel.
  4. As soon as the installation process is complete, launch the app.


Day R Premium MOD APK is a spectacular game with thrilling gameplay, exclusive feature and unique in-game experiences. Download Day R Premium MOD APK from our website and play whenever for as long as you want. Get yourself to experience the post-nuclear war World and the incredible hardships it unfolded at each step with Day R Survival Premium APK.


What is unique about the premium version of the game?

There are myriad innovations made to the premium version, e.g., you will have access to 2500 fuses, and you only have to store them by collecting them. Similarly, you will have access to all destinations marked on the map, i.e., you can go to unlimited destinations. In addition, the game’s online mode is improved by adding the unlimited chat feature and freely resource exchange feature as well.

Moreover, you will no longer be alone in-game because you will be in the company of a pet named Raven. The items you have collected or crafted are now included in the menu in the premium version of the game. These items are classified by mechanics, sewing, chemistry, cooking, survival, etc. You can store them without experiencing the fear of losing these items in the classified warehouses in the premium version of the game.

Is Day R Premium MOD APK hard to play?

The answer is yes, but how hard you will find Day R Premium MOD APK is based on your interest in the gameplay. You will face challenges that will be pretty hard to cooperate with, like hunger, disease, foes, unpredictable weather, radioactive poisons, wild animals, and not to forget your worse enemies, aka zombies. Moreover, the fragmented memory of the character makes the game super hard. But as we say, if there are endless problems, so are the solutions.

Is Day R Premium MOD APK worth playing despite having super challenging gameplay?

The answer is yes and yes. You will never have ever played a survival slash action based game like Day R Premium MOD APK in your life. The unpredictability, the horrors, the endless fights, and all other hard things add a very emotional touch to the game that keeps the players hooked to it for a long time. You will face back to back challenges, but each challenge will be worth fighting for.

How can I make my survival game best in Day R Premium MOD APK?

The game offers 4 different modes; one of them is the sandbox mode. The primary function of sandbox mode is to help the players get the hang of the game and learn the basic do and don’ts of the game. The game has a draft level to level up to darker modes. In addition, you will have a lot of stuff at your hands that will make your survival game the best, like materials you can use to craft things that could assist you in-game. Moreover, the character also possesses many valuable qualities and skills that will come in handy.

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How to install Day R Premium MOD APK 2023 [Unlimited Money] APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Day R Premium MOD APK 2023 [Unlimited Money] APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.