How to Play Carrom Pool with Friends?

Games become more interesting when you play them with your friends. Friends can’t catch up often because of their hectic daily lives, but because of online carrom pool, you can enjoy it with your friends. And then these games make you hooked and nostalgic. Two or four people can play this game. The good thing about this game is that you can connect with your opponent via an in-game chatbox. You may get addicted after winning a few matches.

In the game ranking menu, you can find the weekly leaderboards. You can find your rank on your friend’s leaderboard with your friends. Here are some tips on how you can get a better rank:

Practice in freestyle mode

For a beginner, it is difficult to understand all the rules at once. Carrom pool is played in three modes, out of which freestyle has the simplest rules. One can practice his game by playing this mode and easily understand its basic strategies and mechanics. In this mode, 120 are the winning points, and the player is not restricted to white or black pucks.


Avoid pointless fouls

It is considered a foul if the striker ends up in a pocket. As a result of the foul, you will lose the puck you pocketed in that strike. But as a penalty, you have to put back your last puck. It will turn your game upside down, and due to this, you can lose the game. So, avoid these fouls.

Plan for covering the queen

The queen cannot be collected until you first pocket one of your pucks. You must pocket the queen before your last puck is collected so that you can cover the queen with that puck. You can lose three points and a point for each of your opponent’s lasting pucks if you sink your last puck before pocketing the queen.

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Get the red queen

Getting red queen can be the turning point of the game, but you should know the proper strategy before pocketing it. You should always look for when both the queen and the puck are in an easy position to pocket.


After the queen has been productively pocketed, any player may pocket their last puck to end the game. That will be the winner of the game. The winner scores a point for each puck their opponent’s not collected. If the winner was also the player to pocket the queen, they scored extra 5 points; otherwise, the points of the queen are not counted.

Friend’s menu

Through this menu, you can search and challenge your friends that you have added to the game or from your Facebook account. You can send them requests and gifts once a day.

The Final Words

It is a very easy and simple game to operate, but it is also challenging at the same time. Through this game, you came across not only valuable opponents but also you can talk freely with people worldwide. You can make new friends as well.